Comment 10 for bug 774590

Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt) wrote :

As originally reported, this bug is Invalid. It is not necessary to expand the "Get Software" branch to access paid applications: they are included in the overall "Get Software" collection.

Nor is it necessary to expand the branch to access Independent applications: they too are included in the overall "Get Software" collection.

The reason I specified that the branches should be collapsed on first launch <> is that the child items are interesting only to people who need to see which items are in which repository, and distracting to the majority who do not. I think expanding them by default would be a regression.

And the reason I specified that the expanded or collapsed state should persist between sessions is that remembering state is generally the right thing to do. So I think resetting to expanded state on each launch would be a regression too.

If we really thought all sources should be visible on each launch, there would be little use in them being nested items at all -- they could be top-level items, with a separator between the "Get Software" group and the "Installed" group.

So, I would prefer it if the upload could be removed from -proposed, and this particular change reverted from both 4.0.x and trunk. I'm sorry I didn't see that this bug report had been reopened until now, because I was busy working on the USC5 design. Incidentally, it is likely the "Get Software" tree branch may be replaced by a single toolbar button, hiding the individual sources even further.