Comment 0 for bug 613928

Binary package hint: software-center

This is a regression in Meerkat Alpha 3 (just released) of a fixed bug #529529.
Package: software-center 2.1.7
The matching bug was marked fixed for 10.04 but either never made it in or has re-appeared.

In the Ubuntu Software Center, there is a section of "Featured" and "What's New". I was installing software and while that was going on in the background, I was clicking on featured applications and reading about them. When I found a new package I wanted to install, I found there was no way to install it. The "Install" button is hidden when a background download/install is underway. However, when I returned to the "Get Software" section and searched on the name of the software, I could install it there.

The problem is, since multiple software packages can be queued up to be installed, why can't we click "Install" when reviewing a package? At first, I was very confused thinking there was just no way to install the software from the "Featured" software screen. Only later (after trying to get screenshots) did I learn there was an Install button but it only shows up when nothing is happening in the background. I didn't even think about the downloads in the background at the time and was very, very confused.

I've attached three screenshots. 1) Install button shows when no installs, 2) Install button hidden when a download is underway, 3) Install underway but can search and install from the list.