Comment 11 for bug 532652

Gary Lasker (gary-lasker) wrote :

Hi Alessandro, thanks for your report. As mentioned in comments earlier in this report, the best thing to do if you get one of these crash dialogs is to go ahead and report the bug via the dialog itself. This will insure that we get a stacktrace and other information that we need to debug and fix the problem that you are encountering.

Note that these crash dialogs will only be displayed be default when you are running a development (pre-release) version of Ubuntu, as you are now with Natty. Despite the wording in the dialog, the appearance of this dialog often does not indicate that Software Center has literally crashed (that is, disappeared, froze up, or otherwise stopped working). Rather, it just indicates that an exception of some kind has been detected in the program, and that it's something that we need to know about and fix.

Nevertheless, the dialog is very valuable in that is provides a means for us to gather the needed debug information automatically, without the reporter having to locate and upload logs, etc. So if you encounter this problem again, please go ahead and report the bug using the dialog and we will be able to diagnose the problem and fix it.

And thank you again for your help, it's very much appreciated!