Comment 4 for bug 972427

Sebastian Heinlein (glatzor) wrote :

I am a little bit clueless. The corresponding code seems to be fine:

    tooltip = _("The use of %s may be restricted in some "
                        "countries. You must verify that one of the following "
                        "is true:\n"
                        "• These restrictions do not apply in your country "
                        "of legal residence\n"
                        "• You have permission to use this software (for "
                        "example, a patent license)\n"
                        "• You are using this software for research "
                        "purposes only") % name

The translations are correctly distributed by the language packs.
I tried to use gettext.dgettext("sessioninstaller", "[....]") but this also doesn't work.

Can gettext not handle the bullets?