Comment 17 for bug 639768

Seems to be related to cups:

< cjwatson> there was that recent change to cups
< cjwatson> which made it 'start on starting smbd' or similar, I believe
< soren> Ah, so it's cups, maybe?
< cjwatson> misuse of 'and' in a way that's known to break upstart
< cjwatson> ++start on ((starting smbd or filesystem)
< cjwatson> ++ and started dbus
< cjwatson> ++ and stopped udevtrigger)
< robbiew> has CUPS related errors
< cjwatson> that means that when 'starting smbd' arrived, it will wait
            for dbus to start and udevtrigger to stop (since those edge
            events have long since come and gone at system boot)