Comment 55 for bug 945987

Doug McMahon (mc3man) wrote :

Will apologize for the comment - not really meant as written & will say the reason it doesn't work 'smoothly' OOTB in 12.10 is for a different reason than I thought.

When a user first opens RB > Edit > Prefs> Music, ~/.gstreamerr-0.10/presets is created without any .prs in it.
This causes the dialog about needing to install additional software which if clicked on for ogg will return a not found & the dialog will remain
For mp3 it will install, * again the dialog will still be there.

Only when a valid .psr is in ~/.gstreamerr-0.10/presets will the add. software dialog go away.
This will occur if the settings dropdown is expanded & Custom settings is chosen, it won't if Default or default is chosen

So maybe not a big issue because sooner or later the user will pick Custom settings from the dropdown & a .prs will be created in the plugins folder & the dialog will go away.

The 2 ways around if this was considered an issue would be to have ~/.gstreamerr-0.10/presets receive a .prswhen created or not have it be created until Custom settings is chosen.