Comment 8 for bug 28205

I have a similar, but not identical, problem. I hope it's OK to post to the same bug report.

I also have an NFS mount with music files. I can play the files in Totem, Amarok, etc. But when I point my Rhythmbox library to the mount point, I only get errors under the "Import errors" tab:
Can't access file:///home/martin/Music/music%20on%20undertow/Mr%20Bungle/Backstrokin.mp3
... etc.

Does rhythmbox need write permission? Or could it be a problem with symlinks or spaces in file names? Or something else?

In my case, "/home/martin/Music/music on undertow" is a symlink to "/mnt/My Documents/My Music", and my NFS share is mounted at /mnt.