Comment 8 for bug 164265

Matt Hanyok (matthew-hanyok) wrote :

I'm also having this problem. Oddly it seemed to transcode my AAC files... to AAC format. The files were previously ripped with iTunes. They play without issue but if I use Rhythmbox to put music on the iPod (a 4th gen greyscale 20gb, firmware 3.1.1) and then try accessing the files on the iPod they're unplayable (a 3 minute song would keep the same filesize but report as 15 minutes in VLC, banshee or even on the actual ipod; nothing could make it play properly).

I think this issue is related to bug 95326:

I don't have much programming chops but I think sound juicer is using the same gstreamer component for ripping as rhythmbox uses for this transcoding.