Comment 6 for bug 134918

steve.horsley (steve-horsley) wrote :

Yes, this was a fresh install of Gutsy tribe 5. The only deviation from a standard install, which I don't think is relevant, was that I tried to install Grub to the superblock of my jfs root partition instead of to the MBR, and this failed leaving me to manually install GRUB and create a menu.lst afterwards.

The little dialog coming from the notification area was there when I first logged in. My concern is really that this is probably the first interaction that newcomers will have with Ubuntu Linux, and it will simply confirm all their fears and the FUD that says Linux is hard and not suitable for normal users. It goes along the lines of;

There are special drivers available for your hardware. Would you like me to install them?
Ooh, yes please.
Well, I'm not going to. Figure out why for yourself.

It's going to send them running away screaming.