Comment 16 for bug 134918

Thanks for the acknowlegement. It just struck me as soon as I saw it that
this message was going to be a real slap in the face for noobs. We really
don't want to send them away feeling insulted. Hell, even if you understand
what the message means, it's not true! How the hell is a noob supposed to
cope with that? Still, you've been there, haven't you.

Enjoy Linux. Its different to windows, but its not really harder, just
different. Similar in some ways, fundamentally different in other ways. But
I find it liberating - its more open that Win, and deeper too. There's no
point at which you hit a brick wall that says you can't look in here its
private. You can get to do computing as opposed to just running
applications, if you see the difference (which might take time). Use as a resource. They are friendly and helpful, and more
often than not can give you a good answer to your questions.

On 15/10/2007, epicflux <email address hidden> wrote:
> I'm a noob to installing Ubuntu. I was ready to give up on the install
> till I found this forum. I went and checked off the repositories, the
> driver installed, and now the graphics card is fully operational. A link
> (or hint) to the Software Sources would have avoided a 6 hour stumper. I
> spent way to much in forums about editing the xorg.conf file. Thanks!
> --
> Misleading error message - software source for package is not enabled
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> of the bug.