Comment 2 for bug 952964

Upgraded from Oneiric to Precise today; Remmina plus plugin versions are now 1.0.0-1ubuntu5. In this version, scrolling no longer works for me; it worked fine in Oneiric. I dropped back to Oneiric versions, and that works fine.. after adding oneiric sources to apt, ran:

sudo apt-get install libfreerdp-dev=0.8.2-2build1 libfreerdp-plugins-standard=0.8.2-2build1 remmina=0.9.3-2 remmina-plugin-nx=0.9.2-2 remmina-plugin-rdp=0.9.2-2 remmina-plugin-telepathy=0.9.2-2 remmina-plugin-vnc=0.9.2-2