Comment 43 for bug 1181106

I couldn't switch from headset to ad2p mode (have Sockets disabled).

I accidently found out that by clicking the 'mute' button on Logitech headset, it automatically switched to ad2p.
There are now two entries for the headset in pavucontrol/configuration. Both say "Logitech Wireless Headset".
  One is set to 'High Fidelity Playback (A2DP)', the other to 'Off' ... and headset works perfectly.

Changing second entry from 'Off' to 'Telephony Duplex' allowed me to play my music or games in stereo, and use Mumble to talk to others.

So now everytime I turn headset on, I just click the mute button a few times stopping on either mute or unmuted. Both entries appear everytime.

Hope this helps someone.

Ubuntu 14.10, HP Envy dv7, Logitech headset (no model# visible)