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Bug #1737212: Can we include WEBEX-TOKEN sasl patch from upstream? Undecided New 6 weeks

From: Ralf
Link: webex.patch


Bug #1647753: "Unable to add the buddy 1 for an unknown reason" warning Undecided New 59 weeks

From: djcj
Link: pidgin-remove-icq-error-message.patch


Bug #1615602: IRC message truncation Low Confirmed 74 weeks

From: senya
Link: pidgin_2.10.9-0ubuntu3.4.debdiff

the package fix

Bug #971867: No voice call or video call possible, due to recent farsight->farstream transition Undecided Confirmed 303 weeks

From: Stefan Kriwanek (Divan)
Link: pidgin-farstream-ubuntu-precise.patch


Bug #306923: pidgin doen't show OS version via XMPP Undecided Confirmed 304 weeks

From: kroq-gar78
Link: pidgin_306923.patch

Fixed patch (based on the original submitted patch)

Bug #299029: using the fast user switch applet or notification area icon to change pidgin status doesn't retain status message Wishlist Triaged 392 weeks

From: Vincenzo Mantova
Link: indicator-me_0.2.6-0ubuntu1+messagepreserving.diff

Patch to indicator-me which stores the status message and reset it at each status change.

Bug #372833: Pidgin doesn't show all MSN smileys using msn-pecan protocol Wishlist Confirmed 454 weeks

From: Devid Antonio Filoni
Link: debdiff


Bug #206829: Pidgin chat window border is excessively padded Low Triaged 489 weeks

From: Alex Willmer
Link: pidgin-chat-border.patch

Remove padding set in VBox

Bug #231266: Cannot resize text input area in Pidgin Wishlist Confirmed 505 weeks

From: Roger Ward
Link: pidgin_2.4.1-1ubuntu3~ppa2.debdiff

Debdiff as requested in

Bug #94752: Startup notification doesn't work when Pidgin is started without a window (only in the notification area). Undecided Confirmed 561 weeks
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