Comment 14 for bug 659024

This bug is not fixed. Now when installing oss-compat, it recommends osspd. However, installing osspd forces and uninstall of oss-compat. There is a warning given that oss-compat is a dependency of aumix. It is not until I tried to reinstall oss-compat and osspd was uninstalled that it said osspd provides oss-compat. This leads me to wonder why there was a dependency warning. The package aumix should be marked as depending on osspd or oss-compat if oss-compat is provided in both.

This still leaves aumix without the correct device. Neither of these packages provide an emulated or linked device for /dev/mixer which is required for aumix.

I suppose one simply should not install aumix in the first place, but I think things would just be simpler if Ubuntu put OSS modules back in the kernel so that `modprobe snd_mixer_oss` would work. It would also make many people frustrated with PulseAudio much happier.