Comment 12 for bug 659024

Rocko (rockorequin) wrote :

Ah, it looks like they didn't remove OSS properly when they addressed bug #579300 - they only removed the OSS kernel modules. There are a handful of applications like aumix that depend on oss-compat (which doesn't run, as we know) and they should probably have also rebuilt oss-compat use alsa or pulseaudio libraries, or remove it and the dependent applications.

I thought there were some pulseaudio-alsa-oss links that might have got around this but I can't find them in Synaptic.

If you want to build your own kernel and enable the OSS modules (I think you'll need CONFIG_SND_MIXER_OSS as well), you could try these guides:

Build from Ubuntu sources:

Build from Linus' latest git sources: