Comment 9 for bug 768583

Francesco Fumanti (frafu) wrote :

In reply to comment #1 and the references to Caribou (It is a bit of topic, but since people of the a11y team are watching this thread, I think it is worth mentioning it):

Onboard does not need at-spi in order to work; but I think Caribou depends on it. I don't know whether at-spi2 solves the problems of at-spi (for example, opening /usr/bin in nautilus takes very long; under some circumstances there was something like a lock (I don't remember the details from the top of my head),...), but I think for a simple onscreen keyboard like onboard, not depending on at-spi is a good thing.

In fact, I wonder whether we should not consider two categories of onscreen keyboard users:

- Those that can control the pointer that only requires a simple onscreen keyboard like onboard.

- Those that access the computer with switches and that probably need a more sophisticated onscreen keyboard like gok (or I suppose Caribou, once it is completed), that is able to grab elements of the active application and duplicate them in the gok interface to make them accessible to the user.