Comment 99 for bug 661248


I'm runnung
Xubuntu 12.04
On Aspire 5920G (as few others in this thread).

It has been a nightmare since I decided to updrade my Lucid which was perfectly working into a Pangolin.

I applied blackthunder's procedure to clean up the mess I might have done after my dozen of chroot remove / install drivers.
Plus I modified the grub with the bios=pci command suggested by Legwan.

I finally could reboot twice without a blank screen ! nvidia-settings even find the conf file. And I'm not stuck with an ugly standard resolution on my wide screen (I was starting to find everyone a bit slim in the street Oo)

So everything is working like a charm.
A big thank you to you all !

If needed I can provide some more logs but it seems we have enough and only need a kernel fix in here