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Bug #1458322: NetworkManager doesn't hide virtual interfaces (e.g. Docker, VMWare) Medium Triaged 200 weeks

From: Sergey Tikhonov
Link: hide_unmanaged_interfaces.patch


Bug #1575354: Connecting to VPN times out after 25 seconds if login credentials not entered Low Confirmed 222 weeks

From: Tom Carroll
Link: increase_timeout_for_get_secrets.diff

increase waiting time for secret input

Bug #1519120: NetworkManager should provide default name for VLAN Low Confirmed 255 weeks

From: Wesley Wiedenmeier
Link: add_vlan.debdiff


Bug #1553885: VPN split DNS gets broken after suspend/resume Undecided New 270 weeks

From: kolya
Link: 0001-Remove-dns-VPN-DEVICE-DNS-config-before-adding-diffe.patch


Bug #1469346: DHCPv6 responses with multiple addresses applied incorrectly to interface Undecided Confirmed 280 weeks

From: Alexey Zagarin
Link: nm.patch


Bug #1480877: Access points' "PropertiesChanged" dbus signals freeze UI on mobile devices High Incomplete 282 weeks

From: Tony Espy
Link: net-bearer-nm-disconnect-ap-signals7.patch

yet another update to our bearer-mgmt networkmanager patch

Bug #1181964: Wireless connection does not re-connect Medium Confirmed 285 weeks

From: Bernd Edlinger
Link: wpa-wifi-scan-fix.diff


Bug #1502635: bonded interface not starting automatically Medium In Progress 289 weeks

From: Revati S Hiremath
Link: bugs.txt


Bug #1316634: Does not automatically reconnect to hidden WiFi network Low Confirmed 308 weeks

From: Michael Mess
Link: 01ifupdown.patch

Patch for the /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/01ifupdown script

Bug #1455922: Protect network-manger to start wo interface Undecided New 312 weeks

From: asu
Link: stop_run_wo_intrface.patch

Prevent running wo interface

Bug #1400205: network-manager may start before libsystemd-logind Undecided Confirmed 335 weeks

From: Brian Bloniarz
Link: network-manager-logind.patch


Bug #1296415: [security] please use apparmor to restrict access to ofono to approved services Wishlist Triaged 359 weeks

From: Jamie Strandboge
Link: urfkill_0.6.0~20140527.173146.03f4503-0ubuntu1~mtrudel1ubuntu1.debdiff


Bug #964705: System policy prevents modification of network settings for all users Medium Confirmed 434 weeks
Bug #1072341: If resolvconf returns an error condition then NM overwrites /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf Undecided New 445 weeks

From: Thomas Hood
Link: fix-nm-resolvconf-handling.patch

Patch to fix the way NM runs resolvconf

Bug #120363: NetworkManager should support smartcard based certificate High Triaged 588 weeks

From: David Smith
Link: lp120363_smartcard_pkcs11.patch


Bug #392869: Duplicate entries with Alcatel X060 (and possibly other) broadband modems Low Triaged 619 weeks

From: Javier Martín
Link: fix_alcatel_duplicate_entries.patch

Fixes duplicate entries of Alcatel 3G modems

Bug #321442: NM ignores "system"-level connections if files are world-readable Medium Triaged 633 weeks

From: Steve Langasek
Link: network-manager-allow-world-readability.patch


Bug #290177: [huawei/option] NM 0.7: GSM connections won't work with PIN code protected modems - despite having supplied the correct PIN for the connection in nm-connection-editor Medium Triaged 653 weeks

From: Eddi
Link: nm-gsm-device.c.patch


Bug #113095: On shutdown, NetworkManager shuts down before NFS unmounts, causing a long hang Undecided Confirmed 663 weeks

From: Daniel J Blueman
Link: networkmanager-LP113095.patch

Fix to prevent NetworkManager being prematurely killed

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