Comment 96 for bug 524454

Tharakan (tharakan) wrote :

[TEMPORARY SOLUTION for some cases]

Although in the associated Gnome bug report, this is reported to have been committed to the 0.8.1 update for network-manager, people using the stock variety of Ubuntu have the daunting task of putting up with an Ubuntu system which shows Network Manager as 'disabled' on every reboot, until that is Ubuntu updates this application for all users. (I've tried changing ='false' to ='true' however this didn't do the job for me.)

A reliable solution for those trying only a clean boot for laptops ... can simply try the following. For me this solution has been working for the past week. (I've been bothered by this bug since at least the past 2 months).

1. Boot into Ubuntu
2. Check whether wireless is disabled by right-clicking on the network icon (top-right)
3. Press the key-combination for Wireless networking on the Laptop (Only Once)
4. Reboot Ubuntu
5. Go to step 2

Within 2 iterations this should start working now.