Comment 85 for bug 524454

I haven't been using Suspend or Wake-on-LAN, and I am using a wired

Nevertheless, I found it helpful to remove Network Manager 8.0 and use WICD

I find it very frustrating bumping into such basic problems with new
releases (I'm thinking of various gnome-applet issues with Hardy, this issue
with Network Manager, and ongoing video driver issues). "Whatever happened
to if it ain't broke don't fix it?", says my Mum. However, I am certain I
would not be any better off using another Linux distro or even good ol'
OpenBSD to satisfy my "UNIX Jones". After all this is free,
community-supported software, and - whatever else it may be - it's certainly
not boring.

Re. that I mentioned above on Aug 25
(wired Yukon NIC not being powered off at shutdown even w/o WLAN). At first
I thought this might be a related Network Manager issue (trying to keep the
NIC alive no matter what), and that's why I mentioned it here. Since then,
Mathieu kindly reassigned that bug report to the sky2 driver, where I am
pleased to say upstream testing (linux-image-2.6.36-020636rc3-generic)
indicates the issue is now fixed.

Does anybody know when we will get Network Manager 8.01 please? Can we get
it early for testing?