Comment 45 for bug 509738

Sorry I was wrong. In fact I tried to connect after doing these updates :
[MIS A JOUR] libnm-glib2 0.8~rc2-0ubuntu2~nmt4 -> 0.8~rc3-0ubuntu1~nmt1
[MIS A JOUR] libnm-util1 0.8~rc2-0ubuntu2~nmt4 -> 0.8~rc3-0ubuntu1~nmt1
[MIS A JOUR] network-manager 0.8~rc1-0ubuntu1~nmt1~karmic -> 0.8~rc3-0ubuntu1~nm
[MIS A JOUR] network-manager-gnome 0.8~rc2-0ubuntu2~nmt2 -> 0.8~rc2-0ubuntu2~nmt

Today I tried to reconnect and it didn't work. So I watch trough my aptitude log to check if there was an other update that may explained was it worked one time and... I didn't found anything interesting. The reason why it worked should be because I didn't restart the applet, NM daemon and modem-manager so I should still have been using the working part of nm-rc1. I read in the aptitude log that nm service restarted but maybe not everything fully restarted.

As you just explain to me Tony Espy, next time I'll check for the commit that may fix the bug and report it. I'll also prevent you for wasting your time because of my mistake.