Comment 40 for bug 295796

An old Gateway laptop (W730-K8X) with the Broadcomm with b43-fwcutter and ndiswrapper installed. it's a BCM4318 variant.

This is a fresh, updated Lucid install.

The wireless connection is "hidden" and originally I could not get a connection at all, unless I entered "sudo modprobe b43" at each boot. I then added "modprobe b43" to the /etc/rc.local file so at least I get a "there are wireless networks available.. " dialog at each boot, but I still have to click, password, scroll, click each time. The information is there and it works; there is just no "Automatic connection..)

It must have something to do with this particular PC, as there are 3 other wireless "Lucid Ubuntu's" that boot and autoconnect.

Oh and "Connect automatically" and "Available to all users" are both checked. :)