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Bug #1778322: gvfs-smb-browse can't browse samba/smb tree Undecided Confirmed 17 weeks

From: Sebastian Byczkowski
Link: gvfsbackendbrowse-force-smb1.patch

gvfsbackendbrowse.c change to NT1 from RedHat Bugzilla

Bug #1774094: [18.04] [3.26.3-0ubuntu4] .desktop extension is duplicated when renaming a .desktop file Undecided Confirmed 20 weeks

From: Michael Aaron Murphy
Link: desktop-rename.patch

.desktop rename patch for Nautilus

Bug #1481049: list view defines .iso as unknown types Low Triaged 27 weeks

From: Doug McMahon
Link: details_full.patch


Bug #1671339: After resumed from suspend, desktop wallpaper does not get drawn correctly on Nvidia graphics Undecided New 84 weeks

From: Kai-Heng Feng
Link: resume-update-bg.patch


Bug #1643144: Transparent artifact on top of all Windows Undecided New 100 weeks

From: Александр
Link: Screenshot from 2016-11-19 13-02-52.png

Screenshot from 2016-11-19 13-02-52.png

Bug #1183665: nautilus passes invalid URIs to bulk-rename-tool Undecided Confirmed 143 weeks

From: LSK
Link: 1183665.diff


Bug #1314820: locale date-time format not displayed in 14.04-nautilus Low Triaged 231 weeks

From: Doug McMahon
Link: date-time.patch


Bug #508065: Changing 'Icon View Default' - 'Default zoom level' works once and not after Low Triaged 300 weeks

From: Jan Rathmann
Link: 22_fix-for-default-compact-zoomlevel.patch


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