Comment 20 for bug 453072

This isn't as off-topic as it sounds:
How do I delete files off an external drive?

Let's say the drive is full. So I delete some files to make room. these files disappear in Nautilus, but are not really gone, because I do not get any more free space on that drive. If I use 'safely remove' or 'eject', I cannot use the drive afterwards, because I have no free space on it. The files I deleted still use up the space. I cannot see them, but they are 'in the trash'.

The only way I know to really free this space on an external drive is to use 'unmount'. On 'unmount' Nautilus will ask me if i want to delete the trash. 'safely remove' and 'eject' will not do that.
So I think that even the most non-technical users will need 'unmount' if they ever want to free some space on their drive.
A better solution would of course be, if 'safely remove' and 'eject' would be merged to one command and that that command would also clear the trash.