Comment 10 for bug 429041

Timothy Arceri (t-fridey) wrote :

This is not fixed please reopen. As I commented upstream that last patch was a regression.

Steps to reproduce:

Copy 6 .jpg images into a directory.
Also copy a .txt file our something that will be opened by a different application.

Make Shotwell the default image viewer ( shotwell opens multiple instances for each file selected ).

Select all 6 jpg files right click and open with shotwell. Six instances of shotwell are opened NO warning.

Now this time select all the files. This time select the text file as well and select open. You have a warning now but it says two applications will be opened???
1. Why am I being warned if it really was only two applications being opened?? Surely 2 is not something to be warned about
2. Its really 7 instances being opened.