Comment 25 for bug 30867

damon raphael (w7md) wrote :

I am happy to discover that this is a recognized bug. It has been driving me up a wall since I upgraded from Gutsy to Hardy.
I tried booting with a Gutsy LiveCD and the same "104.9 GB Media" Drive Partition Icon label was displayed on mounting an ntfs partition. The same was noted with a Kanotix Thorhammer LiveCD.
I went back to booting with a Gutsy LiveCD, created a directory in /media named /media/sda1
Then I manually mounted /dev/sda1

mount -t ntfs /dev/sda1 /media/sda1

The mounted partition icon appeared on the Desktop and was named "sda1". I was unable to do this in Hardy. In Hardy, the icon display name wants to be "104.9 GB Media"
I hope this can be "fixed" as I use various partitions for backups. Proper labelling will save time and help avoid user errors.