Comment 9 for bug 1322925

This bug is similar to #988251 except that the older one claims that the options (copy, paste) are greyed out, whilst in our case, it is not, but it gives no effect when you click it.

I can confirm that:
(1) Shortcut keys (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V) do not work within the same tab, nor between tabs of the same window.
(2) Context menu items do not work (Right click>Copy/Cut/Paste), same as (1)
(3) In new windows ("File>New Window" or Ctrl-N), the above (1) and (2) work.
(4) You can copy files on a new window but cannot paste on bug-affected window.

This has been the case since at least Ubuntu 12.04

For now, I'm working around it by copying the path of affected window (Ctrl-L, Ctrl-C) and creating new window to go to the place (Ctrl-N, Ctrl-L, Ctrl-V, Return), but it gets painful when there are lots of tabs.

I've yet to find how to reproduce it.