Comment 38 for bug 1322925

I can confirm this problem affects me as well on several computers running 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04 that have been clean installed (not upgraded from previous versions). I usually work with several Nautilus windows that each have several tabs open in them, spread on multiple workspaces. I move around and copy or cut and paste, rename files, etc.

I mostly use keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl+T to open new tabs, Ctrl+L to access the location bar, Ctrl+A to select all files, Shift or Ctrl + arrows to make selections, Ctrl+C/X/V to cut/copy paste, Alt+Tab to switch between windows, Alt+Shift + number to select tab, Ctrl+Alt + arrows to choose workspaces, Ctrl+Logo + arrows to arrange windows on screen, etc.

When the problem occurs, seemingly randomly, shortcuts local to the currently open tabs stop working (Ctrl+C/X/V, Ctrl+A). Global shortcuts and shortcuts local to the encompassing windows keep working (Alt+Tab, Ctrl+Alt + arrows, Ctrl+Logo + arrows, Alt+Shift + number, Ctrl+L, etc.).

Killing Nautilus (or logging off then back in) fixes the problem temporarily. My work around is to drag and drop the files between windows or tabs, but this is really cumbersome.

I don't remember having this problem with previous versions of Ubuntu.