Comment 7 for bug 1035273

Sebastien, unfortunately I have very bad news:
I morning looked with Ubuntu 12.10 current daily live CD, and possible
the Quantal awailable Ubuntu level modified Nautilus version not
containing this very important a11y fix. So now Ubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu
12.10 awailable Nautilus versions not containing yet this fix.
In Ubuntu Quantal following modified nautilus version are awailable:
nautilus | 1:3.5.90.really.3.4.2-0ubuntu2

Reproducation steps in Quantal to you verify this:
1. Launch Orca.
2. Goto your home folder, and press F2 key. Try moving with arrow keys
the edit box. Orca will not spokening any character the edit box if you
using for example left or right arrow keys.

I ofcourse known why need Ubuntu level modifying the Nautilus package,
because GNOME developers upstream level removed some users important
functions (changing desktop background into desktop the context menu, etc).