Comment 4 for bug 551088

Fisslefink (erin-simonds) wrote :

This is still an issue in Lucid official release.

Reassigning it to the MythTV devs, while the correct course of action, resulted in a political dispute and no resolution for users:

http://<email address hidden>/msg06978.html

According to a later comment on the thread (dated May 2010), there is another version of MythTV on the way with better pulseaudio support:

http://<email address hidden>/msg06979.html

....still no word on that.

In the meantime, the following workaround restored functionality on my system, allowing me to use Mythfrontend with the PulseAudio:default audio codec, and still get sound from other applications spawned while mythfrontend was running (i.e. VLC, Mplayer).

Here are my settings for mythfrontend (Utilities/Setup --> Setup --> General)
- Audio output device = "PulseAudio:default"
- Internal Volume Controls = on
            - Mixer device = software
            - Mixer controls = Master
            - Master mixer volume = 50
            - PCM mixer volume = 70

........I control the volume with the pulseaudio command line tool "pacmd" using LIRC and irexec, as shown in this script: