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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1351939: Sending USSD message does not work Undecided Confirmed 309 weeks

From: Alex
Link: use-unencoded-ussd-by-default.patch


Bug #1334393: udev rules missing entry for ZTE 19d2:0001 modem Undecided New 315 weeks

From: Prahlad Yeri
Link: 40-usb_modeswitch.rules

Patch for udev rules - missing entry for ZTE-AC2787 modem

Bug #1094138: Modem Manager Locks Dual FTDI Serial Ports Medium Triaged 392 weeks

From: Ash Charles
Link: ft2232-blacklist.patch


Bug #868034: Huawei E220 and E1550 can't connect on Ubuntu 11.10/12.04 Medium Triaged 441 weeks

From: Bartosz Kosiorek
Link: huawei_fix.patch


Bug #569685: modem manager anydata adu 635 Undecided New 524 weeks

From: Hiroshi Miura
Link: 0001-add-anydata-gsm-plugin.patch

adding anydata gsm plugin

Bug #461096: NM can't configure ZTE AC8700 modem; wvdial can Medium Incomplete 545 weeks

From: karl pihlblad
Link: mm-sid.patch


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