Comment 2 for bug 1513792

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

This bug was fixed in the package mir - 0.18.0+16.04.20151216.1-0ubuntu1

mir (0.18.0+16.04.20151216.1-0ubuntu1) xenial; urgency=medium

  [ Kevin DuBois ]
  * New upstream release 0.18.0 (
    - ABI summary: Only servers need rebuilding;
      . Mirclient ABI unchanged at 9
      . Mirserver ABI bumped to 36
      . Mircommon ABI unchanged at 5
      . Mirplatform ABI unchanged at 11
      . Mirprotobuf ABI unchanged at 3
      . Mirplatformgraphics ABI bumped to 7
      . Mirclientplatform ABI unchanged at 3
      . Mirinputplatform ABI added. Current version is 4
    - Enhancements:
      . Use libinput by default, and remove the android input stack
      . Add x11 input probing
      . Add alternative buffer swapping mechanism internally, available with
        --nbuffers 0
      . Automatic searching and selection of input platforms
      . Better support for themed cursors
      . Add demo client that uses multiple buffer streams in one surface
      . Improve fingerpaint demo to use touch pressure
      . Allow for configuring cursor acceleration, scroll speed and left or
        right handed mice
      . Allow for setting a base display configuration via client api
      . Various nested server multimonitor fixes and stability improvements
      . Remove DepthId from the SurfaceStack
    - Bug fixes:
      . Unit test failures in Display.* on Android (LP: #1519276)
      . Build failure due to missing dependency of client rpc code on mir
        protobuf (LP: #1518372)
      . Test failure in
        (LP: #1517990)
      . CI test failures in various NesterServer tests (LP: #1517781)
      . FTBFS with -DMIR_PLATFORM=android (LP: #1517532)
      . Nesting Mir servers with assorted display configs causes lockup
        (LP: #1516670)
      . [testsfail] RaiseSurfaces.motion_events_dont_prevent_raise
        (LP: #1515931)
      . CI test failures in GLMark2Test (LP: #1515660)
      . Shells that inject user input events need to agree with the system
        compositor on the clock to use (LP: #1515515)
      . mircookie-dev is missing nettle-dev dependency (LP: #1514391)
      . Segmentation fault on server shutdown with mesa-kms (LP: #1513901)
      . mircookie requires nettle but libmircookie-dev doesn't depend on it
        (LP: #1513792)
      . libmircookie1 package does not list libnettle as dependency
        (LP: #1513225)
      . display configuration not reset when application exits (LP: #1511798)
      . unplugging external monitor causes nested server to throttle client
        (LP: #1511723)
      . 1/2 screen on external monitor (LP: #1511538)
      . unity-system-compositor crash, no interaction on windowed mode
        (LP: #1511095)
      . [regression] arm64/powerpc cross compile doesn't build any more
        (LP: #1510778)
      . mir_connection_get_egl_pixel_format() crashes if libEGL is loaded
        RTLD_LAZY (LP: #1510218)
      . [multimonitor] nested server surface positioning incorrect
        (LP: #1506846)
      . unity-system-compositor fails to build against lp:mir r3027
        (LP: #1506537)
      . [regression] Resampled touch events are slightly less regular than they
        used to be (LP: #1506331)
      . [testsfail] Segmentation fault mir_demo_server --test-client
        /usr/bin/mir_demo_client_basic (LP: #1506137)
      . [regression] Can't move/resize windows any more using Alt+left/middle
        buttons (LP: #1505114)
      . CI failure on some 32-bit targets in
        ServerSignal.terminate_handler_is_called_for_SIGTERM and others
        (LP: #1504579)
      . multibufferstreams use surface size instead of stream size
        (LP: #1503317)
      . CI segfault in mir-mediumtests-runner-mako in client tests
        (LP: #1502896)
      . CI segfault in mir-mediumtests-runner-mako after AndroidHardwareSanity
        tests (LP: #1502782)
      . compositing never stops when external monitor is connected
        (LP: #1499039)
      . mir_demo_server crashes with ERROR: Dynamic exception type:
        std::out_of_range - std::exception::what: map::at when an Xmir rootless
        app is closed by its File menu. (LP: #1497128)
      . Nested servers don't apply their display configuration at startup
        (LP: #1492269)
      . mir fails to open the right mouse device in kvm/qemu (LP: #1489522)
      . nexus4 & nexus7 hotplug survival (LP: #1488863)
      . Android uses mir_display_output_invalid_id (0) as an output id value
        (LP: #1463873)
      . DemoRenderer: GL_BLEND is really always enabled even when not required
        (also causes RGBX discolouration in mir_proving_server) (LP: #1423462)
      . Severe graphical corruption (mostly horizontal streaks/lines) running
        software clients (including Xmir) on android (LP: #1406725)
      . [enhancement] Ubuntu needs a way to set mouse scrolling speed
        (LP: #124440)
      . input-evdev: always send all active contacts.
      . fix backwards frame jumps on the FB context on some devices
        (LP: #1270245)
      . fix race in test (NestedServer suite) (LP: #1514884)
      . fix signal callbacks in buffer stream creation (LP: #1519998 and
        LP: #1519999)
      . allow client to retrieve error messages when stream creation fails
        (LP: #1520005)
      . [regression] Ctrl/Alt modifiers not handled correctly (LP: #1521225)
      . snappy packaging fixes
      . CI test failures due to memory errors during GLibMainLoop shutdown
        (LP: #1520217)
      . fix UBSan build (LP: #1521808)
      . SessionMediator::exchange_buffer can create references to null pointers
        (LP: #1522093)
      . After exiting Mir (by Ctrl+Alt+BkSp) VT switching by Ctrl+Alt+Fn is
        broken (LP: #1521651)
      . notify when cursor images are removed (LP: #1521795)
      . fix arm64, powerpc, ppc64el builds (LP: #1522122)
      . fix locking in ms::SurfaceStack (LP: #1522105)
      . [regression] Mouse wheel events are now unusably over-sensitive and
        backwards (LP: #1522673)
      . Cross compiling Mir from a xenial host fails (dpkg-checkbuilddeps:
        error: Unmet build dependencies: ...) (LP: #1523801)

  [ CI Train Bot ]
  * No-change rebuild.

 -- Kevin DuBois <email address hidden> Wed, 16 Dec 2015 18:24:40 +0000