Comment 34 for bug 521492

Florent, your solution worked perfectly.

I am using the latest Debian unstable (not Ubuntu).

I just added the line "deb-src unstable main" to my '/etc/apt/sources.list' file.

Then I did 'apt-get source libgnome-desktop-2-17'.
Then 'cd gnome-desktop-2.30.2'.
Then 'vim libgnome-desktop/gnome-bg.c' to make the one-line change that you recommend.
Then 'apt-get build-dep gnome-desktop'.
Then "dch -l local 'fix span'".
Then 'debuild -us -uc'.
Then 'dpkg -i ../*.deb'.

Yeah, I did everything as root, and this is not recommended.

But it worked. Now 'Span' has the right effect.

Any Ubuntu user with root access should be able to do a similar thing, with sources and package names adjusted appropriately for Ubuntu.