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Florent Viard (fviard) wrote : Re: Dual Monitor wallpaper is not scaling across both monitors, same background is repeated on both monitors instead

This is a random guess from looking at the source code, but is there someone here with a double monitor able to recompile gnome desktop to try the following fix:
In libgnome-desktop/gnome-bg.c around line 833
{ in function static GdkPixbuf * get_scaled_pixbuf (...) , around line 833 }
 switch (placement) {
- new = pixbuf_scale_to_fit (pixbuf, width, height);
+ new = pixbuf_scale_to_min (pixbuf, width, height);
  new = pixbuf_scale_to_min (pixbuf, width, height);

  new = gdk_pixbuf_scale_simple (pixbuf, width, height,