Comment 111 for bug 1735594

Mark (mark-delta-echo) wrote :

I have found a solution that at least worked for me.
I do not claim that this is the absolute end-solution for this problem and it would like Timo to have a look on it to confirm that this is the way to go.

As I mentioned above is the guest user working without any problems.
What differs between my not working user and the guest user might cause the problem.
So I started comparing and found that ~/.cache/compizconfig-1/core.pb is only 82 bytes while the same file for guest contains 4237 bytes. My original core.pb is nearly empty.

What I did was the following:

- first make a backup of ~/.cache/compizconfig-1/core.pb You can now always revert the change
- su root
- copy core.pb to your own home dir to ~/.cache/compizconfig-1/core.pb
- chmod the file to your user
- reboot

All went working again. I can use the unity launcher again. Perfect!

It is clear to me that is not the entire solution. The file might have been corrupted by an update and might be corrupted again. So the fix needs to correct the damaging part and also load the correct config. At least I have found a temporary solution and I'm very happy with it because I can use my computer again. I was forced to use Windows and that was no fun.

Cheers, Mark