Comment 13 for bug 1098732

Aha, when I unserstand you correct that you have mixed it up.

The crash was detected by the system and you gave it a from the crash different summary and description.

o.K. in this case we have to adapt the report. I give the crash the focus, because apport collected files are related to this.

For reporting the unity problem you can use from terminal or with a command line called with

ALT + F2

ubuntu-bug unity

or when you want to report against the kernel directly(int the case you think it is more on the driver)

ubuntu-bug linux

I also adapt the summary.

You can find your old one under old summary(for copy past to your new report).

I know this gives extra work to you, but see it from the other side. It is very hard to work on a report when the parts of it do not fit to each other.

This is the prefered style.