Comment 57 for bug 941695

Adam (dr-rockso) wrote :

I can confirm this bug exists in Ubuntu 12.10. My kernel is 3.5.0-17-generic x86_64. I did not have this issue in Ubuntu 12.04, it was only after I upgraded did the issue begin.

For me, my wireless stops working intermittently and then I see "ieee80211 phy0: >brcms_c_prec_enq_head: No where to go, prec == 4" several times repeated in dmesg/kern.log. Like others, iwconfig and network manager both indicate that I am still connected but I cannot ping or connect to any IP, including my router.

My router is a Belkin WR1043ND v1 and I'm connect over 802.11N. My router configuration is the same as it was prior to the 12.10 upgrade and my laptop's hardware hasn't changed either.