Comment 79 for bug 702090

On Tue, Mar 15, 2011 at 10:29:56PM -0000, William Carl wrote:
> I copied and pasted the ppa in my software sources followed by reloading
> and updating. At first the computer somewhat stalled on startup. I
> rebooted. Then on start up I got the apw message, then I rebooted again
> and so far its been about 20 minutes I haven't got a systems problem
> warning . The fix seems to be working.

Thanks for the feedback, this sounds positive!

By stalled, do you mean that the boot just took longer than you
expected, so you rebooted, or did you determine that it had in fact

It is not unusual for the first boot after installing a new kernel to
take longer than normal, if it needs to do some module rebuilds or
whatnot. It's also possible that due to the variety of plumbing
changes, that it might take a couple boots to get all the bits set up
right, although that does not sound ideal.

On the other hand, these GPU lockups can sometimes come and go
intermittently. So you might want to reboot a few times to make sure
the problem doesn't come back.