Comment 348 for bug 606238

Hi Dave
Glad to see you are monitoring.
What/where is the best way to communicate about this?

The problem at hand:
It comes down to reverse engineering then.
The mail exchange from Dmitry Torokhov I mentioned was about Latitude XT
So some (reverse) engineering has been going on.
I have read some posts of people doing this with Virtualbox.
Must go backtrack a bit here.
Do you have any idea if there is anything of the sort going on upstream?
I do not want to invent the (mouse)wheel, but if nothing is happening,
I will have a go.
Looks a bit like a can of worms to me, but hey, I believe I like to make things work.
Would appreciate suggestions/tips as to how to go about.
Like using real or virtual XP
I use kvm/qemu here, and touchpad support would have to be added I think.
And then, how much do I have to know about win XP?

will keep posting here for now