Comment 56 for bug 567016

Shane (kohlrak-kohlrak) wrote :

If you happen to have the source code, just follow the instructions provided by realtek to me:

>Dear Sir / Madam,
>Thanks for your mail.
>Please find the latest RTL8191SE Linux driver source in the attachment.
>You should clear previous drive or inbox driver first after you install this
>driver source.
>The previous driver will be stored within
>Please remove "r8192se_pci.ko" files by following command.
>1. sudo su (you should input you root password after it)
>2. find /lib/modules/ -name "r8192se_*.ko" -exec ls -l {} \;
>3. find /lib/modules/ -name "r8192se_*.ko" -exec rm {} \;
>After, You could execute "find /lib/modules/ -name "r8192se_*.ko" -exec ls
>-l {} \;" to confirm it's clear properly.
>And then, install this driver source as below steps. Don't forget to extract
>this package before you install it.
>1. sudo su
>2. make
>3. make install
>4. reboot
>5. ./wlan0up or ./wlan1up

Then, to reset when needed, i simply made a button to shut it down and start it up again.


Put that in a file, chmod +x it, then put a shortcut wherever you want it and have the shortcut gksu the file that uses the down and up scripts. Then click, enter password, and it resets.