Comment 49 for bug 567016

Jobo (arkazon) wrote :

Just adding my two cents here because I don't think this bug has been fixed.

I have a Lenovo X201 (3249CTO) laptop with the Realtek 3172 (rev. 10) card. I am running Ubuntu 10.04 with the 2.6.32-25.45 generic kernel, and using the r8192se_pci kernel module and (per lspci) the rtl819xSE "kernel driver in use." The only thing possibly nonstandard is that I am using the latest version of the firmware from Realtek's web site rather than the one that came with Lucid.

I connect almost exclusively to G networks using WPA-PSK, but I connect manually as needed rather than having the computer set to connect automatically. On a good day, the computer will freeze on ~30% of connect attempts; on a bad day, it can be north of 50%. Additionally, once or twice a week it will freeze up out of the blue. In all of these cases, /var/log/syslog indicates that it froze while attempting to negotiate or renegotiate with the wireless network. Also, in all of these cases, it is a hard freeze requiring a power-off/power-on restart, but without a kernel panic.

I'm happy to post syslog excerpts or provide any other information that may be useful. Just wish I could actually DO something to help with this, as it's very frustrating.


P.S. Apologies if I stepped on anyone's toes by changing the status back to confirmed. Please advise re etiquette if that was not the right thing to do.