Comment 38 for bug 567016

> Right at about 1:50 is where i started the file transfer. Want to guess when it completed?

Not really, can you explain what you saw? How long did the transfer take, or before it got interrupted?

Possible side issue, but have you tried disabling screen blanking (xset s 0) and disabling all other power management which might kick in N minutes after you last touched the machine? Also, you could try removing the battery and running just on mains, so that you don't get any ACPI events like "battery fully charged". My Thinkpad X100e has strange lockups in these circumstances.

> it seems to be a common assumption (and i agree with it) that Realtek just doesn't care about making their product work (understandable, they make too much money off of people simply buying new components rather than making old ones work

More likely, they care about their Windows customers but not those who replace Windows with Linux, since the product was never advertised as working with Linux in the first place. This makes buying a laptop for Linux a risky business.

If you want a laptop with a Unix-based O/S which works out of the box, probably your best bet is a Macbook - but you pay a large premium for that.

I notice Dell still have an Ubuntu page:
but AFAICS that now links to a list of laptops with Windows and no mention of Ubuntu.

Otherwise, if the wireless is a miniPCI card, you can replace it with one with better driver support.