Comment 36 for bug 567016

Well, i just started having trouble with the current drivers again. It seems the kernel driver is really crappy, and the current realtek driver is still crappy, but not as crappy. I used skype to help with this. No one can hear me on skype if i use the kernel driver (apparently my instructions above did not work, as it seems it still enables the kernel driver anyway), so if i disable that and use the wlan0up i am still heard, but after so much network usage, it'll eventually crash and burn again (and no, this wasn't just skype disconnecting, but everything) into an infinite loop of failed reconnect attempts inevitably reasking for my simple WEP key. I just got this new laptop (toshiba satellite L654D-S4025) after dealing with a crappy dell vostro 1000 that i swear was rigged to fall apart (and i took the thing apart and could put it back together again, but i still could not see the logic behind alot of component placements and so forth that just seem so counter intuitive), so i'm starting to ask myself whether or not i should even bother with laptops anymore. i'm seriously sick of companies not caring whether or not their product works.

Doing some research on this particular card here at launchpad, it seems to be a common assumption (and i agree with it) that Realtek just doesn't care about making their product work (understandable, they make too much money off of people simply buying new components rather than making old ones work). I also have another really weird issue (i don't even know how to report it let alone who to report it to) with this laptop that i can't solve.

Maybe i'm doing something wrong. I hope so: i hope i'm wrong. I want this to be a quick and simple issue to fix so that i don't have to constantly run some sort of wlan restart script every time the driver decides it wants to go nuts on me. I'm gonna keep testing until i can figure out what i'm doing wrong.