Comment 369 for bug 550625

Seth Forshee (sforshee) wrote :

I've uploaded a new version of the driver, available at:

(Max: you can find patches in the same directory as the deb package, which is true for the previous version as well.)

What's new in this release:

* The driver will now work on machines without tracksticks (hopefully, I don't have hardware to test this on).

* The driver now supports more hardware than previously. Specifically, it supports the touchpad on the Acer Aspire One 532h, and hopefully there are other machines using similar devices.

* Trackstick sensitivity has been tuned down. I'm not usually a trackstick user, so feedback on the performance is appreciated.

* Multitouch support has been temporarily removed. It needs reworking in light of some limitations of the Aspire One 532h touchpad.

* The driver fails more gracefully when something goes wrong. This should mean that you won't be left with a non-functional touchpad if the driver doesn't work on your machine.

Please test and let me know how it works. I'm still accepting alps-reg-dump reports as well, preferably including the max ABS_X and ABS_Y values reported by input-events. Note that input-events needs to be run in a virtual terminal to produce output, as Xorg prevents any other application from getting events from the touchpad. To switch to a virtual terminal, press Ctrl-Alt-F1, and when your done press Ctrl-Alt-F7 to get back to your graphical environment.

Thanks for testing!