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Stripped Patches + shell script to batch patch (Version 0.9)

Man, this guy is a genius!

I have updated to version 0.9 of the patch (the archive now has a versioned patch directory, versioned shell script to apply and one to remove the patches) and my middle mouse button is back.

xinput output now looks like this:

AlpsPS/2 ALPS DualPoint TouchPad id=13 [slave pointer (2)]
        Reporting 3 classes:
                Class originated from: 13
                Buttons supported: 12
                Button labels: Button Left Button Middle Button Right Button Wheel Up Button Wheel Down Button Horiz Wheel Left Button Horiz Wheel Right None None None None None
                Button state:
                Class originated from: 13
                Detail for Valuator 0:
                  Label: Rel X
                  Range: 0.000000 - 2000.000000
                  Resolution: 0 units/m
                  Mode: relative
                Class originated from: 13
                Detail for Valuator 1:
                  Label: Rel Y
                  Range: 0.000000 - 1400.000000
                  Resolution: 0 units/m
                  Mode: relative

See? "Button Middle" is back! :)

(In reply to comment #34)
> And now we see the reason we don't like to add out-of-tree patches that have
> not been accepted upstream. :)

Ah! It is a very good idea to have this patch in the tree. Personally I see three reasons:

1.: Without this patch you have to manually apply the old patch (but is down!) to have the touchpad at least to be recognized as an IMPS/2 Mouse, meaning the whole system is unaware that this is a touchpad at all.
2.: Without this patch, starting synaptiks makes no sense whatsoever, as neither synclient nor synaptics can *see* the touchpad.
3.: With this patch in the tree, and maybe some advertisement, we could get more users to test it. Maybe it makes us being able to help Seth Forshee <email address hidden>, the author of the patch, to further improve it?