Comment 147 for bug 541620

Linuxexperte (andrea-koeth) wrote :

hi Joshua O'Leary,

I looked at this mentioned Thread there and I saw, that you have Intel-technologies. So I can tell you, that a defect of the graphiccard-driver is really not the cause for your freezing-issues. Why? Because I have a similar Intel-graphiccard in my stationary machine. But this stationary machine does not have an onboard-WLAN-Chip.

But for your machine, I can give you a good tipp, if your onboard-WLAN does not work as it shoud, although I think, that your freezing-issues do not come from the rt2860/3090sta-driver. This driver is included in all current kernels, if it is not unloaded.

As I do not have an onboard-WLAN-chip in my stationary machine, I bought this WLAN-Stick for me:

US54EX-WLAN-Stick (usb-WLAN-Stick).
Costs are at 19 €. Quite cheap as you see (this stick works for me since nearly four years now without any incidence).

This WLAN-Stick has a rt2500-WLAN-chip, which works out of the box. Just enter your WLAN-connection in the menu->network-connections and thten go back to the panel to the network-manager icon and klick on it. Then it should see your network and then you are prompted to put in your network-connection-key and then klick on "connect".

But I will try to make a membership with ubuntuforums to look at your screenshots.

Or could you enclose them also here in Launchpad in another Thread?