Comment 142 for bug 541620

Linuxexperte (andrea-koeth) wrote :

@ Joshua O'Leary,

I do not use the rt2800pci-driver. I use the rt2860/3090sta-driver. I have blacklisted the rt2800pci and the rt2870. Then I restarted my network-manager as mentioned above and then rebooted my system.

Then I had to go to the menu in network-connections and enter my wifi-connection. My wifi works pretty fine with full speed. Even I do not recognise any desktop-freezes with the rt2860/3090sta-driver in my system when I reboot. These freezes must have another cause. Here LinuxMint 10 runs so smooth, that I admit, that I am just downloading four episodes of the original series of Raumschiff Enterprise in the new digital remastered version!!! Yes, download runs pretty fast and without crashes here in Firefox Namoroka. For the Seamonkey-suit, it is the same!! So this evening, I will have a pretty nice TV-evening on my machine, because my people here are out this evening!! What do I need to use the TV for if I have my Notebook with LinuxMint 10??? My answer is: I do not need it!!

Greetings from the far universe,