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Geir Ove Myhr (gomyhr) wrote :

It seems that reboot=acpi does not work.

I installed 2.6.33-rc6 (from today) and rebooted successfully 4 times after booting with reboot=bios, like before. I then changed the boot parameter to reboot=acpi. After booting with this the first time, the computer came back up successfully after a reboot. The next time, however, the computer didn't come back up.

Since I have moved to Norway and the two affected computers are located in Canada I had to do this via ssh and playing with /etc/default/grub and update-grub. I can't hit the power button or verify that it wasn't something else that went wrong. I hope this testing is sufficient. If necessary, I can try without any reboot option with 2.6.33-rc6 once someone comes to work after the weekend and gives it a power cycle.