Comment 12 for bug 444235

MDS007 (mark-desousa) wrote :

Having the same error not sure if it is related to an issue I am having since an update as of May 16 of 9.10 that caused my box to become unresponsive after went into sleep. Decided to upgrade 10.04 fresh format/install and having the same issues after it goes to sleep stays unresponsive to network / keyboard access. Using an Asus M3A78-EM mobo Amd AthlonX2 5200+ CPU 2GB RAM, ATI HD3200 Integrated graphics with flgrx proprietary latest drivers as of this posting. Aside from that I have 1 320GB WD HDD Sata + 1 DVDRW Sata drive and a pci WIFI adapter. All were working well up to last week so I'm guessing something pushed recently may be the issue. Any help is appreciated.