Comment 9 for bug 429942

C. Reis (reic) wrote :

I don't think this can be regarded as fixed, too - I am still having trouble with the following keys:
Fn + F3 for disabling the touchpad does not work
Fn + F4 does nothing
Fn + F5 decreasing brightness does not work
Fn + F6 increasing brightness does not work
Fn + F7 does nothing
Fn + F8 does nothing
Fn + F9 does nothing
The Fn Button also should activate Numpad - funktions on the Keys 7, 8, 9, U, I, O, J, K, L and M.

A Button on the top left of the keyboard to disable the touchpad is also nonfunctional, as well as the multitouch - function of the touchpad itself.

I'll gladly submit any information that could be helpful to solve the problem - just give me a hint which files you could use.